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Receptions can be organized through the new View Hotel at the edge of the park or at Goulding’s, located 6 miles from the park. You are welcome to bring a lunch or dinner but please remember the Navajo Nation does not allow alcoholic beverages within it’s borders.


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Monument Valley Weddings

Located deep in the heart of Navajo country, this natural wonder awes and inspires. The park itself is a 10 miles drive through the amazing red sandstone spires we call Monument Valley. Wedding Sites for smaller groups are where ever you find the perfect location. For larger weddings, permits may be required. Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events is here to help you every step of the way.

Lodging is the most difficult part of planning a Monument Valley wedding. There are only 2 hotels near the park and the rest are 20 miles or more away. For more information please see our Monument Valley lodging pages for more information.

Services such as florists and beauty salons are nonexistent but Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events has friends everywhere. Give us a call for more information and recommendations. We have Monument Valley Wedding Packages available too.

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