Havasupai Mules

The trail into Supai can be a long and arduous hike for those unaccustomed to hiking in the Grand Canyon. To make your stay more enjoyable, we recommend having Pack Animals deliver all your gear to the campground for you. You can hike to the campground now with a day pack full of water, your camera, something to snack on and not burden yourself with the weight of a full pack. You will enjoy your visit with more energy and less pain. Please refer to the Havasupai Tribe website for all the information regarding the use of animals, as there are restrictions, weight limits and deposits required.

Horses are also available to ride in to the lodge or campground. If you are not used to riding a horse you may find the hike to be less painful. Riding a horse will make you aware of muscles you did not even know existed. Riding horseback also does not allow you to carry a full pack. You will still need to utilize mules to pack in your gear.

Havasupai Mule Train S180
Supai Mule Hilltop R400
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