All fees are subject to change without prior notice and are non-negotiable.  All fee subject to 10% tax.

Havasupai Camping Reservations

Camping Tourist Office Hours 
May-October 6 A.M- 6 P.M
November-April 9 A.M- 3 P.M

Camping Information and Fees
Campground open February 1st to November 30th
Peak Season: May-September
Reservation Required

2018 Campground Information & Rates:
Sites available for up to 350 campers per night
Available in campground, drinking water, restrooms, and picnic tables 

Pricing for 2018 is as follows:
Fee includes all necessary permits, fees, and taxes:

One Person, 2 Days / 1 Night: $140.56
One Person, 3 Days / 2 Nights: $171.11
One Person, 4 Days / 3 Nights: $201.67

All weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Holiday weekday nights (February 19, May 28, July 4, September 3, October 8)
Spring Break weekday nights (March 5-8 and 19-22) 
Will be charged an additional $18.33 per night.

In an attempt to accommodate more visitors who desire to visit the canyon, starting in 2018 we will be limiting campground reservations to a maximum stay of 4 Days / 3 Nights per reservation (but you are welcome to make multiple back-to-back reservations to extend your stay if those dates are available).

When making a reservation, you will have the option of providing the name of a Secondary Permit Holder (in addition to the Primary Permit Holder). The Primary or Secondary Permit Holder MUST be present at the Tourist Check-in Office in the Village of Supai (on the way to the campground) with photo ID - otherwise the reservation is NOT valid and will NOT be honored.

All reserved permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
(ie. the individual listed on the reservation cannot transfer the reservation to another individual). Reselling of reserved permits is strictly prohibited. Any person caught reselling or buying a reserved permit may, at the discretion of the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department, be permanently banned from entering the reservation.

Havasupai Lodge:
Lobby hours are 8:00 am to 5:00pm
Each room sleeps up to 4 people $175* + tax
Deposit $60.50 per room/ per night entrance fee

*All fees are subject to change without prior notice. 
All fees are non-negotiable. All fees are taxable by 10%. 
Additional $90.00* per person entrance fee paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

Saddle & Pack Horses
Prices are per Mule/Horse. Each carries one rider or up to 4 articles weighing no more than a total of 130 lbs..  If you are hiking in for a multiple day trip, it is much easier to carry in a smaller day pack with just your necessities than to hike in all your own gear.  Get a mule to take you stuff all the way to the campground. It is well worth it makes the hike much more enjoyable. Arrangements must be made in advance through tourist the office for all horse options.

Horses to Campground/Falls
Round Trip - Hilltop to Campground and Back $187.00
One Way – Hilltop to Campground or from Campground to Hilltop $93.50

If you are camping and want to add a horse, please call:
or 1-928-448-2180

Horses to Lodge/Village
Havasu Fall Day Tour - Lodge to Falls  $60.00
Round Trip - Hilltop to Lodge $120.00
One Way - Hilltop to Lodge $70.00

If you are staying at the Lodge and want to add a horse, please call:
or 1-928-448-22

Hilltop Helicopter NO Reservations:
$85 per person one way
March 15th – October 15th
Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday
10am – 1pm

Airwest Helicopters accepts cash, Visa / Master Card, & Discover payable to the Airwest ground crew at Haulapai Hilltop. No reservations are needed nor taken. Flights begin at 10 am. Continuous flights are made both in and out of Supai while the helicopter is there. Passengers are served on a first-come, first-served basis; but please be aware that there are priorities in loading passengers: Tribal members have top priority, second tribal business such as vendors, repairmen, etc. then tourists and visitors. Sometimes this results in wait times that can be lengthy, especially on busy days. Schedules are subject to change depending on Federal and Tribal holidays. It would be best to check with Airwest Helicopters at 1-623-516-2790 to confirm your day in question. Weather permitting.

Reservations are required for all travel in and out of Supai. There is no internet available in Supai you will have to call them directly. Please remember phone service in the village can be sporadic contingent upon the weather and the power of Mother Nature. If you can’t get through, keep trying.

For camping reservations, please call:
or 1-928-448-2180.

For lodge reservations, please call
or 1-928-448-2201


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